Cardio, What's the big deal?

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Cardio plus weight training equals a great workout!


When putting together your training program, Your Fitness Spot thinks is necessary to add a great cardio workout along with weight training for a balanced workout session that will enhance your healthy lifestyle.   You’ll need to evaluate your fitness goalsman working out on elliptical machine - your fitness spot when putting together a program that incorporates a good cardio workout.   Using a bike for your cardio workout has the advantage of being able to use it at different intensities.


If you are looking for a low to moderate cardio intensity using a bike or a recumbent bike on a daily basis can help you achieve your goals.    Using an elliptical can also provide a fabulous workout at home.  Ellipticals provide a great cardio workout by combining both upper and lower body flexibility in one motion.   Rowers are also a great way to work on upper and lower body man using rowing machine - your fitness spotstrength while giving yourself a great cardio workout because using a rowing machine is an endurance exercise that increases heart function.   Always remember to check with your physician before beginning any type of exercise program at home and enjoy your work out.  



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